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Inbound Voice

Our Corporate solutions are customised for corporate, government or enterprise customers who want secure private networks for a range of applications, including voice, video and data. Our solutions include VSAT and data networking equipment, IP Telephony systems, space segment bandwidth management, installation, maintenance and technical support.

Worldwide coverage

The result is a business world where voice, data and video applications over wired or wireless networks is a reality: enabling real cost savings to be made without changing your business processes and giving you technologically advanced solutions that can provide the Edge over your competitors.

Simply put, we can reduce your operational costs and increase your profits.

• Support for Wide Area File Services, WAFS
• Support for TCP Acceleration and File Caching
• Works with Microsoft Domain Security
• WAN Optimisation and Security
• Part of Wireless Edge VoIP over Satellite Solution
• Inherently Secure, Reliable and Flexible
• Standards compliant
• Proven technology – thousands of terminals deployed across the globe
• Rapid deployment through our 24 x 7 technical support operation and
centralised network management
• Secure, Global Satellite Network
• Streamlined provisioning system
• 24x7 Network Management Centre
• Interoperability with multiple protocols and architectures


Significant savings on expensive leased lines

Reduced operating expenses, overhead and maintenance costs

Flexible and transportable

Worldwide implementation availability

Begin saving immediately with our streamlined provisioning and activation process

Reliable, quality voice service

24x7 network monitoring


Support for Oracle, SAP, Maximo, Exchange, Citrix, RDP, VDI

Secure private networks for corporate sites

IP based email, web access, application access, data transfer, voice, and video

VPN remote access to corporate network, VPN LAN-to-LAN

Cost-effective backup service for mission-critical networks

Solutions for rapid response, rapid deployment or roaming use


Cisco hardware offers

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