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Wireless Edge IP solutions combines the simplicity of the phone, the power of the Internet, and our high-capacity, resilient IP and access networks, making it possible to implement real-time, cost efficient, and high quality IP solutions for your business. The result is a business world where voice, data and video applications over wired or wireless networks is a reality: enabling real cost savings to be made without changing your business processes and giving you technologically advanced solutions that can provide the Edge over your competitors. Simply put, we can reduce your operational costs and increase your profits.


• Bespoke High-Speed Outdoor Wireless Solutions – 20, 100, 300Mbps
• Point-to-Point and Point-to-Multipoint Managed Solutions
• Wireless LAN, Hotspot, Hotzone Solutions
• High Quality and Cost Efficient Solutions
• UK National Service
• Streamlined provisioning system
• 24x7 Network Management Centre
• Interoperability with multiple protocols and architectures

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