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Wireless Edge has developed an advanced system capable of automatically learning, adapting and protecting your children whilst surfing the internet. This product, SurfEDGE, is also able to counteract new threats from the Internet. SurfEDGE will provide instant protection to your children, students and young adults and is available to home users. This software is able to instantly block any inappropriate websites with no investment in expensive hardware, security experts and is entirely cost effective.

Once you have installed the system it will automatically update itself with changes to the system. You need only install once and not have to worry any further about changes in technology. Laptops that are used in your school will also be protected outside the school environment, at home or in hotspots on a public network.

SurfEDGE is available to any form of laptop or PC and will soon be available for handheld devices. SurfEDGE is available with two subscription packages; annual and three years. All software will automatically upgrade during the subscription year.

EDGENews Update

Channel 4 has been running a series of programmes this week entitled Sex Education vs Pornography. The main theme highlighted by these programmes has been the fact that children as young as 11 are accidently accessing porn on the internet and that teenagers are using the internet to educate themselves on the topic of sex.

SurfEDGE have developed a product that will allay all parentsí fears as to what it is their children are viewing on the internet. Their product is capable of automatically protecting children from inappropriate websites by blocking them where ever they are whether it be at school, in the home or in a public hotspot with their laptop.

The first episode saw journalist Anna Richardson visiting three major high street retailers asking if internet protection was sold as a standard feature on laptops Ė she discovered it was not and that parents would have to buy extra protection and install it themselves. SurfEDGE needs only a one-off installation and will automatically update itself with changes in technology. There is no investment in additional hardware, you donít need to be a computer expert and can buy this product as a home user. It will shortly be available for handheld devices such as mobile phones.

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